Ladies' Night Ouch

Violence happens. We see it on the news. We read about it in the paper. Sometimes it hits close to home, to people we know and love. You might find yourself imagining "What would I do if I found myself in that situation? Do you have any idea? Do you have a plan? If not, why not? At Prairie Martial Arts our goal is to prepare you for the unthinkable. We call it the unthinkable because most of us don't want to consider what can happen. We prefer to remain unaware or even bury or heads in the sand. At PMA we have the skill and desire to responsibly and respectfully address the topics and tactics you need to know. 

One way we do that is with our class "Ladies Night"

You could think of it as a Tupperware party where you learn how to "open a can" instead of seal a container. "Ladies Night" is a great opportunity to get a group together for a fun, high energy introduction to effective women's self defense. Spend an afternoon or evening strengthening your friendships and empowering yourself and the people closest to you to face anything life throws at you. The class is perfect for ladies who lunch or young ladies getting ready to launch. "Ladies Night Ou...uch" is designed for women age thirteen and up. It's about more than personal safety it is about to personal growth. LNO works for all kinds of groups: friends, co-workers, teams, squads, or moms and daughters.
At Prairie Martial Arts we specialize in private and small group training. Limited class size ensures individual attention and personalized instruction. All of our classes are offered in an emotionally safe and supportive environment.

Contact us anytime to find out how to put together a "Ladies Night" group for you and your friends.

What do Ladies have to say about the class?

I really enjoyed the class and have personally talked to all the females in my office and encourage them to take it. How often do you get the opportunity to hit someone as hard as you can? Don't you wonder if you could defend yourself? Would it hurt someone if you hit them with all you had? Find out! Take the class and see what you are made of! I think it was eye opening for a lot of us. I hope Mark develops a second class where we can practice what we have already learned and continue learning.

How often do you get to learn something valuable, meet new people, have a good time and beat up on a man!!! Take advantage and you'll have the advantage!

Shelly K

I think the class was a great success for my daughter and I. I think my daughter S. was a little concerned about what the class would be like. I think you did a great job of making a scary and uncertain topic seem to be fun but yet very empowering. You gave us skills that we can carry with us for the rest of our lives. I think that S. now understands that it is OK to stand up and say "back off" is she does not feel comfortable in a situation. I hope you continue doing these classes. I know that S and I would be interested in either a more advanced class or even a refresher class.
Thank you again for the wonderful experience.

K. E.

My daughter thought it was fun and she said she learned a lot. I think it is important for the young ladies to know that they can fight back. I also thought it was important for them to see their moms as strong women who can stand their ground. I also liked the concluding message about alcohol, substance abuse and how it causes you to not be aware. The only thing I would add is maybe a message about date rape drugs being slipped into drinks
and not to leave a drink unattended.


I am happy to share my feedback about the class that you presented at IHMS this week.

It was a wonderful experience for me, my 2 young daughters, and our foreign exchange student (the one with the awesome tae kwon do kicks!). I have told several people about the class and in particular about your presentation style. You are such an effective communicator—warm, knowledgeable, funny, and approachable. Your message was firm and realistic without being frightening, which is a difficult tightrope to walk, given the seriousness of the subject matter. In addition, your delivery was not “preachy.” I was especially impressed with your “life lessons” that related to self-defense, e.g., making conscious choices of friends and boyfriends, staying sober, etc. I did not expect those messages to be part of the program, but I so appreciated them for my daughters to hear.

All in all, you have a great gift and I am so glad my girls and I were able to learn from you.

All the best,

Hi Mark,
I thought the class was wonderful. I cannot stop talking about it to my friends and family and sharing the knowledge I gained. It was very empowering for me to learn the skills and then practice them. I had so much adrenaline going through me that I had trouble going to sleep that night! The only thing I would suggest is to hand out some information on your classes.I would love to take a refresher course or even a longer course on self defense. Otherwise, I don't have any suggestions. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide the class. I think everyone should take it. Have a great weekend.

I thought that you did an excellent job with the class. You did such a nice job balancing a very tough topic of realistic fears with positive information. You definitely had the command of the girls attention which is quite a feat after their long school day. K really enjoyed the class. She had attended another similar program earlier this year and felt that your class was much more helpful. As I said to you that night, I loved the ending comments you shared with the girls regarding their worth. My only disappointment is that J. was not there. I would love to see her attend one of your classes.
Job well done. Thank you very much.
J and K

Mark -

I thought the class was great. My daughter and I had done a different class back in September. They spent a lot of time telling us crime stats. I think that is what they call preaching to the choir. We were already there. So, I was quite glad you didn’t do that. The information you did present was very good. The concept of trying to avoid the combat portion is right on target.

I really appreciate the way you spoke to the girls. You didn't speak as a parent, or a teacher, or down to them. You spoke to them as if you were genuinely concerned for their well being. You didn't beat around the bush - you were straightforward and to the point. Your comments at the end were perfect, although I wasn't expecting it. It was what the girls needed to be hearing from someone other than their parents or teachers. I was really impressed with your approach to the girls. It is awesome. But I have to admit that for myself, I'm feeling concerned that I got into the last exercise too much. I hope I didn't hurt you. I'm not sure what happened. I am sorry if I did.

Again, thank you for a great class. I hope to take my daughter to some sort of self-defense class once a year. So, we may run into you again.


Mark --

Such a great class!!!!! I am so glad E. and I could come -- I just wish H. had not had deadline night at SME newspaper and could have joined us. If you have any classes that she could attend between now and August, please let me know! I have tried hard to think of anything that would improve the class, and I really can't. The explanations were all very clear. The time to practice the moves was good even with the large class. It was just amazingly helpful. After thinking hard on this a while, I have thought of one thing that might be nice: just a one-page sheet illustrating the basic moves you showed us. The thing where we block the attackers arm and kick, and the hand jabs, and the elbow thrusts, etc., as well as the hands up with the "back off" command. (I showed that one to H. and it was fun to see the look of empowerment on her face when she tried it.) A visual reminder posted on the bulletin board or refrigerator could be useful as some of the details do sort of fade in my memory. I'd like to keep it all fresh in my mind!
Anyway, thanks again.


Thanks for last night Mark. E. and I learned a lot about staying safe and staying in control. The stories were scary but kept our attention and were offered with plenty of sensible advice.

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