Testing and Rank Promotion

At Prairie Martial Arts we understand each student progresses at his or her own rate. We are dedicated to the quality training. We do not pressure a student into testing when they are not ready. Nor do we socially promote. A student must be ready before testing for promotion.
When a student is comfortable with his or her forms, and is approved for testing by an instructor, they are ready for examination for their next level. Students will take a physical exam at every rank increase that includes both forms and sparring. In addition, students are also required to write a paper.

Written Exam:

In the written exam students are assigned a portion of the membership oath to reflect upon. Length of the paper varies with age. A students Black Belt parer must be a minimum of twenty pages.

Rank System:

Students begin classes as “no belts”. They then test through a series of “Kups” (levels) until they reach the rank of black belt. Each colored belt has two levels (except for black which has nine): No belt, 10 - 9 Kup White, 8 - 7 Kup Yellow, 6 - 5 Kup Green, 4 - 3 Kup Purple, 2 - 1 Kup Brown. Numerical order begins at 10 (lowest rank) and ends at 1 (highest rank). 
Once a student become a black belt, the Kups are replaced by Dans (degrees), and ranking progresses the opposite, with 1 being the lowest and 9 being the highest.

Beginning Basics

Required for White Belt Exam:

*Front Stretch  -  Ahp Bahl Lopi Oru Gee
*Front Kick   - Ahp Cha Gee
*Side Stretch  - Yohp Bahl Lopi Oru Gee 
*Side Kick  -  Yohp Cha Gee
*Down block, Middle punch - Choong Dan Juhn Jin
*High Block - Sahng Dan Mahk Gee
*Twin Fist Technique - Sahng Juh Mohk
*Knife Hand, Reverse Punch -Yeok Jin
*Punching in Horse Stance - Kee Mah Rhee

Children’s Rule 1 and 2

Membership Oath