Friday, May 18, 2007

"Ladies Night"

We are excited to announce a new program at Prairie Martial Arts. You could think of it as a Tupperware party where you learn how to "open a can" instead of seal a container. "Ladies Night" is a great opportunity to get a group together for a fun, high energy introduction to effective women's self defense. Spend an afternoon or evening strengthening your friendships and empowering yourself and the people closest to you to face anything life throws at you.
The class is perfect for ladies who lunch or young ladies getting ready to launch. "Ladies Night Ou...uch" is designed for women age thirteen and up. It's about more than personal safety it's a bridge to personal growth. LNO works for all kinds of groups: friends, co-workers, teams, squads, or moms and daughters.
At Prairie Martial Arts we specialize in private and small group training. Limited class size ensures individual attention and personalized instruction. All of our classes are offered in an emotionally safe and supportive environment.

Contact us anytime to find out how to put together a "Ladies Night" group for you and your friends.

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