Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Visit With David Muhammad

Last night I had the opportunity to train with a young Chung Do Kwan friend of many years David Muhammad. David is a 3rd dan training under his father Master Rudolf Muhammad 6th dan. The younger Muhammad has been training for 20 years. David is now a high school teacher (ahem, at my daughter's school)and has also started an MA club there. My son was able to join in tonight as well.

David arrived at seven and after heading to the basement we made a plan for the night. David would share kicking drills and sparring combinations and I would share applications from kata. David has a side kick that he can use just like a boxer uses a jab. After we each shared we even finished the evening with some grappling.

I shot some video of some of the drills but I havent uploaded it yet. We do not practice weapons but Master Muhammad does train them at his. The following video is a clip of David competing a staff kata in California.

Yep, trust me his kicks are just about as fast as that Bo. A few years back I was able to end my losing streak against him by turning 40 and moving to the "Executive" division. That was 9 years ago. I'm waiting for him to make it to my division. When he does I will wreak my vengence.

We finished the night enthused and excited looking forward to more opportunities to train in the future.

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