Monday, November 23, 2009

Developing Speed, Power and Accuracy.

Above is an illustration of an exercise for developing greater speed, accuracy and control with your punches and kicks. You can do the exercise by yourself or as a game in class. First you will need some kite string and a few buttons. Cut a piece of the string that is long enough to reach from the ceiling to the floor. Thread the button onto the string then hang the string from the ceiling of the room. You can now slide the button up and down the string to adjust it to various heights. You can also put multiple buttons on one string and put up multiple strings for a whole group. Once the string are hung they will serve as targets for punches and kicks. The goal of the drill is to kick or punch hard and fast without hitting the button and causing the string to move. If you or a student hit the button they get a predetermined number of push ups to do. Also the student can be given push ups for not coming close enough or not kicking fast enough.

So once again the goal of this "Game" is to help develop speed, accuracy and control. Strong arms can also be a by product.

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Wanji Sunim said...

I really like this exercise, and your cartoons are great ;-)

I was taught something similar with a tennis ball on a string; the trick being with the tennis ball that it has some rebound LOL. You had to catch it on its way back with another strike, and control the amount of power you put into it. For instance push ups for any student who made it hit the ceiling...which was relatively hard not to do ;-)