Friday, September 7, 2012

"Oldman's Bubishi" From Prairie Martial Arts

Now available from Prairie Martial Arts. "Oldman's Bubishi", is a richly illustrated introduction to the Bunkai of Karate Kata. The book by Mark "Oldman" Cook focuses on the widely practiced kata series, the Pinan / Heian / Pyung Ahn series. If you have learned this kata series or even the Hyung and Poomse variations they inspired in Korean Karate and Tae Kwon Do, this book is for you. Let Oldman and his nemesis introduce you to the bone breaking beauty of the kata / Form. Dance class is over. It's time to put the function back into your forms.

Oldman's Bubishi, is the visual record of a deep dive into the waters of Karate Kata by Mark "Oldman" Cook. It is an 8.5 by 11", 136 page, spiral bound butt kicking. Written in the international language of line, it's not meant to sit on a shelf, look pretty and collect dust. It is a workbook for you to take onto the mats with you. What's inside? An artist's perspective on Kata. Insights on finding form, function for yourself. It's time make the art your own. There are sequential drawings of each of the five Pinan / Heian / Pyung Ahn Kata and an insightful, practical step by step analysis of each.

Are you a Karate student? Have you gotten to the point that you're asking yourself "Why do I even waste my time doing stupid kata?". This book can help YOU answer to that question. Are you a Sensei or Sabumnim? Have you finally realized the you are not getting faster and stronger with each passing year. Not interested in competition sparring anymore. Have you become bored with the whole "Karate thing." Are you considering hanging it up? DON'T DO IT!!! Take responsibility for YOUR training and growth. Get fired up. If you are not satisfied with where you are or where you are going, you NEED a big dose of "Oldman's Bubishi" STAT!

Now keep in mind this Oldman fella has a vested interest in getting you to buy this stuff so you might want to think twice about what he says. You would be much better off listening to some of the worlds most respected Karate instructors and researchers.

What are they saying?.....

"Very impressive. What a great way to reach a new generation of learners."

Patrick McCarthy, Hanshi 9th Dan
International Ryukyu Karate Research Society

"I love this book! Oldman's Bubishi includes some really interesting kata applications in a very easy to follow and engaging way. The applications are deadly serious and I found the cartoon illustrations much easier to follow that the vast majority of photo sequences I've seen. Dont make the mistake of assuming that the humorous illustrations mean the information is not for the serious martial artist! This is solid stuff! Theres no denying the illustrations are very humorous though! I found myself giggling more than once at the factual expressions of both Oldman and his unfortunate uke. I guess the best description for the book would be serious information delivered in a light-hearted way. Just what good martial arts should be!" 

Iain Abernethy 6th Dan with the British Combat Association, author of Bunkai Jutsu and recognised expert on applied Karate. 

"Oldman's Bubishi was fabulous. Love the illustrations and the bunkai — worthy of my own analysis (I hope that is a complement!). It is lighthearted, obviously the illustrations are intentionally cartoonish yet clear and accurate. Presently, there are many books out on kata analysis, but yours is more simple, more clear, and more fun. Congratulations".

Tony Annesi, Hanshi, author of "The Principles of
Advanced Budo" and "Cracking the Kata Code"

"Mark Cook, a brilliant artist is his own right, created Oldman’s Bubishi as a way to pass his
own efforts to understand kata’s technique applications for all of us. I see Mark’s expression of his own kata application studies in the Oldman’s Bubishi as a personal notebook using his creation “Oldman” as the instructor. And what an instructor the Oldman is. He most frequently tries to diffuse an attacker’s intent by seeking peace. However when the attack comes he responds with his full art including striking, grabbing and takedowns. He presents various applications to the Pinan / Heian /
Pyong An kata which with appropriate training clearly show the techniques potentials.The illustrations of Oldman’s Bubishi are brilliant. They more clearly show the applications
than most karate works have done. And occasionally a sly humor inserts itself during the 
Oldman’s response."

Victor Smith
Bushi No Te Isshinryu