Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yesterday in Overland Park

Yesterday I started a post on adrenal stress and padded assailant training. I find myself wanting to change the post I was working on because of current events in our area. Yesterday in Overland Park an 18 year old girl was abducted in the parking lot between a Target store and one of the areas busiest shopping centers, Oak Park Mall.
Today they released video footage from he parking lot. It was blurry and grainy but showed a struggle on the ground behind the car. It was sobering as were my wifes comments after viewing it. My wife asked me if I knew what she could have done differently. Instead of answering I asked what would she have done. This was her reply.

1. Be aware of your environment.
2. Have your keys ready to unlock the car.
3. Make a lot of noise
4. Fight to stay out of the car and do anything to avoid being taken to a second destination.
5. If you end up in the car as the driver, crash your car into something big. Your air bag will protect you.
6. If you end up as the passenger of the vehicle jump out when the car is still or slowing down. You may be injured but it is better than being taken to a second location.

I added one point which was the possibility of getting under a vehicle. A person can fit under larger cars and vans. If the assailant tries to pull you out, hold on to the underside of the vehicle.

If a person is armed with a gun find an opportunity to escape. Run away traveling in a zig zagging pattern away from the person. Even trained marksmen have a hard time hitting that type of target.

My wife then added "I know what to do, I'm not sure our girls do".

This story is not over yet. The abducted girl is still missing tonight. And my girls have lessons to learn.

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