Thursday, June 7, 2007

What does one do?

What do you do in the aftermath of a tragedy? We all need to reflect, process and grieve. We need to come to an understanding of what actually happened. We can, as part of that process, look at our own lives, choices and associated risks. In doing so we can make informed choices that contribute to our well being and the well being of others. It is important to keep perspective. I know there are parents out there tonight that will have a very hard time letting their daughters leave the house. Some of them will give into that fear and put their foot down. That is natural and understandable. It is hard not to let our fears get the best of us. We can choose to be as prepared as we can and help our loved ones prepare to face adversity and danger. We can prepare as best we can for random violence. We can take a self defense class. We can also protect ourselves from even more common dangers. We can wear our seat belts. We can wear sunscreen. We can also refuse to ride with someone who has been drinking. Those dangers are less dramatic than the random attack of a predator, but are much more common and take even more lives. That is self defense too.

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