Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Moms and Daughters

It has been a busy month since my last post. I have had the opportunity to teach classes in four different locations. I have met some really remarkable moms and daughters. As I wait by the front door of the location where I will be teaching that day I watch the cars pull up. Being a parent I recognize the look on a lot of the young ladies faces. It's the "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you are making me do this" look that I also get occasionally from my teens. It's natural and normal to be anxious when going to a new place for a class. My wife says "It's a lot like going to the doctor". I asked her how so?. She said "Well, no one really wants to go to the doctor. You know you should but you still don't want to". I really do understand that and confess that I'm always the last person to make an appointment at the Dentist. I get it.

It isn't long before that look changes though. In the beginning of the class we progress to eye rolling and nervous laughter. The eye rolling is my cue to continue, that I've droned on with too many stats. So we get on with the meat of the class progressively, challenging and cheering each other on. After three and a half hours the looks are different. Many times the girls have seen a part of their moms they have not seen before. A little less cat, and a little more tiger. I think it is a good thing for the girls to see.

In a very short time the girls go from "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you are making me do this" to "Oh my gosh can you believe WE DID THAT!!! As the ladies leave they look and sound different. They are different, they have shared an intense experience.

In the class women will feel vulnerable. They may also feel more powerful than anytime before in their lives. They will also learn to set strong verbal and physical boundaries.

Understanding vulnerability, power and healthy boundaries are important in good self defense. They are also foundational qualities of good relationships.

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