Monday, July 23, 2007

Ladies' Night at Hallmark

The class begins with introductions and general discussion and questions. From there we move on to the topics of awareness and boundaries.

This picture shows the beginning demonstration of verbal and physical boundaries. The photo also shows the discussion on how we build defensive techniques on natural reactions and responses.

After we practice handling verbal aggression we move on to using environmental awareness to escape. In addition we cover improvised weapons in the environment. After this drill we begin training combat techniques. We keep it very simple, kicks, knees, palm heels and elbows.

In the next two pictures the ladies implement all they have trained beginning with first attempting to deescalate the verbally aggressive assailant. You can see as each woman go full contact with the padded assailant her peers cheer her on and yell out techniques when they see the openings for their use.

It does not matter how much padding you have on. Some things still hurt. I continue to press the assault until I take a shot that I feel would have sufficient impact to stop an actual assault. We tell the ladies, "Don't stop till they drop".

After class we debrief, celebrate and take more questions. In a class that is 3.5 hours long we cannot cover every possible thing that a woman could encounter but we cover a lot of ground. The women leave the class encouraged and invigorated. They also have information and options that they can and have implemented to protect themselves. We call "Ladies' Night" a fun, fast paced introduction to effective women's self defense". I think that is an honest accurate description of the class. I am happy to be able to provide it.

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