Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I'm commited to falling better. I still fall like a Karate guy. Remember when you were a kid. I remember running as hard as I could and throwing myself on the ground just for fun. When you are a kid falling is a blast. By the time you become a teen, as much as you might enjoy fallng, you "can't" do it anymore(outside of sport). We become "self conscious". As an adult we either dread or fear it. I'm convinced the reason some folks drink to excess is the dormant memory of the unique pleasure falling offers. I wouldn't say I fear falling at this point. I'm more like a teen, a bit selfconscious as I post the video. I'm heading in the right direction though. I'm relearning the fun of throwing myself on the ground.


BBat50 said...

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I vividly remember some junior high soccer team practices where we would run in a group of three and intermittently, knock the others down from odd angles so we could practice falling and shoulder rolling.

Of course, now in karate, we do a breakfall.

Interesting point that there are different ways of falling

Meg said...

You have it exactly right! When we're kids, we just don't worry about gravity. You're right about being self conscious about falling!
That's something that I have to work on. I hate falling and rolling, so I have to push myself to practice harder to do both!