Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reality Programing "The Bachelor" and "Survivor"

There is a lot of talk about "Reality Programing" these days. "Jersey Shore", "The Bachelor", "Survivor". Not to be left out, I have created a bit of  reality viewing entertainment as well. This video is from the Corporate Karate class at the fitness center at Hallmark. Both of these guys have been training around five years. These guys show up for class two times a week, sometime three. Both are in their 60's. They have outlasted folks half their age.  Joe even had hip surgery just last year and is back at it. They knew starting out that they would not be becoming world champions ( then again neither will I ). I have had 17 years olds ask me if it was to late for them to start training. Of course, I reassure them that they are not too old. Why start if you are 19, 23, 35, 40 or even over 50?  Because it is good for you brain and your body. Because you will learn things about yourself and others. It keeps your mind and body invigorated and challenged. It might even save your life. 

I once had a person ask me regarding Karate... "When are you gonna give that stuff up ?'   I replied "I don't know, when did you stop taking care of yourself and  doing things you enjoy?".   O.k., that may have been a bit snarky but they had it coming.

One reason I both love and hate video is that you get a chance to see things as they really are and lose any illusions you have about your skills. You can see reality. On the other hand, that is the same thing I love about it. Once you experience it you can accept it, deny it, or work to change it. Some "Keybored Warriors" out there might look at this clip an think to themselves "Ha look at those old dudes" (including the teacher). The truth is I have seen a lot of "those guys" come and go. If some of "those guys" do see this video they will probably watching it on a computer their parents paid for, between marathons of "Call of Duty" and "Keeping Up With the Kardashians". That's Reality. 

Reality, Embrace it, Accept it or Change it.

p.s. Shelly IS a "Bachelor" and Joe is a "Survivor" i.e. Ex Marine

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